Sustainability remains at the forefront of design decisions and planning when it comes to making choices affecting the construction process and the finished project. Rehab Engineering utilizes advanced modeling tools to identify appropriate energy and cost saving strategies based on payback, life cycle cost, and impact to LEED energy credits. We provide engineering that helps achieve LEED certification from project conception all the way through building operation.

  • Modeling: eQuest, EliteSoft RHVAC, and CHVAC analysis

  • Energy Studies: Utility Energy Incentives, Tax Credits, Energy Audits, Building Performance

  • LEED Energy Analysis and Submittals

  • Solar Project Experience

  • Geothermal Project Experience

  • Energy Star Expertise

  • Data Collection Tools: Infrared Camera, Moisture Meters, Thermometers

  • Post Construction Performance Verification with on site Blower Door and Duct Blaster Testing