Multifamily Housing represents a major market sector for Rehab Engineering and for our nation. The needs of a growing, modern culture demand an effective use of available land, building and finances.  Finding ways to compress housing into smaller spaces while still creating true homes calls for a complex blend of innovative design and engineering.

We have expertise in Market Rate Housing, Senior Living, Affordable Housing and HUD Housing.  We have worked with clients on new construction, adaptive reuse and renovation projects to maximize energy savings, optimize systems, and develop plans for future upgrades and sustainability.

The demand for Mixed-Use Buildings that provide the ability to live, work and play in one complex continues to grow.  Engineering for Mixed-Use Buildings requires unique skills to combine multiple engineered systems for several business and residence types into one structure. Rebab Engineering has mastered the ability to meet and conform to building codes and standards for Mixed Use developments.

  • 10,000+ Apartment Units designed
  • 100+ Tax Credit Projects completed
  • Projects up to 10 stories designed